How to Create Artistic Pop Art Effects With Windows Live Photo Gallery

22 Jan

This tutorial will teach you how to use Windows Live Photo Gallery to get amazing “Pop Art” style effects. Here are a couple of what “Pop Art” looks like.

Skin RetouchingPop Art 3Pop Art 5

Now here’s how you do it!!!!

When you open up a photo in Windows Live Photo Gallery click on the “EDIT” tab, and then on the  “FINE TUNE” button, which is found in the center of the top menu bar.


Next Click on "ADJUST EXPOSURE” which will now be found on the left side of the screen.



This next step is the MOST important for the “Pop Art” effect. You will see a graph that is labeled “Histogram”. Under this graph there will be a black tab and a white tab. You will need to drag each of them to the center of the graph, as shown below….pop3pop4

Tis is what gives your photo the basis of the “Pop Art” look. You will now notice that there are NO areas of blended colors, only solid chunks of color. This is what makes up that neat painted look.

Next you can experiment with the colors you want to use. Click on the “ADJUST COLOR” tab and play with the settings you like. Here is what I used for the picture seen above.



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