New Features in Windows Live Photo Gallery

19 Sep

Greetings from the Maasdam. As a I write this blog we are in beautiful Bar Harbor Maine. Soon our free photo gallery software will be updated and many new features will be added. One is particularly interesting. Its called “GeoTaging”, and the age old argument as to where the picture was taken will be ended. Take a look below at the picture and at its geotag.

There are many more useful features headed towards you in the near future.

Frank Barcelona, Techspert for the Holland America Digital Workshop Powered by Microsoft.



One Response to “New Features in Windows Live Photo Gallery”

  1. Wendy October 17, 2010 at 7:50 pm #

    I\’ve just downloaded the new features of Windows Live Photo Gallery and I think I\’m really going to like the geo-tagging for my travel pictures. I can\’t find my list of people tags, though. I wanted to merge a couple (I had just first names and some full names and wanted to put them together) and now can\’t find them. Just the descriptive tags. Any suggestions? Thanks, Wendy

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