Caption on a Photo: Courtesy of Techspert Jeff

11 Feb

Great steps on placing captions on photos courtesy of Jeff, the Techspert currently on the Amsterdam.  Enjoy!


If you want to put your own custom caption on a personal photo follow these quick and easy steps.

1. Open up Windows Live Photo Gallery

2. Transfer your pictures from the camera to the computer (file>import from camera and scanner)

3. Choose a photo that you want to put a caption on.

4. At the top of Windows Live Photo Gallery click on extras – select open with paint!

5. Paint will open in a new windows on the screen.  The picture will be zoomed in 100%

6. Find an area on your picture where you want to write the text. (use the scroll bar at the bottom and on the side)

7. Click on the A icon at the top of paint.


8. Draw a text box on your picture.  (hold down left click and drag mouse)

9. Write your caption.

10. To change your text font, style and size see the above text options.

11. To change the font color – choose color one and pick a color that you want from the options at the top.

12. Save your picture.  Don’t just click save or else it will overwrite the original picture.  Make sure to rename your file!

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2 Responses to “Caption on a Photo: Courtesy of Techspert Jeff”

  1. sandra March 6, 2010 at 2:45 pm #

    Thanks for sharing this info, Jeff, I will be putting it to use,just returned today from The Panama criuse on Maasdam,techspert Chris Jackson on board,learned some great stuff , really enjoyed the classes. Hope they always run them,so informative…

  2. Jeffrey April 8, 2010 at 2:29 am #

    My pleasure and thanks for posting Chris. Keep enjoying!

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