Blogging Tips

14 Dec
  • Know that words matter – Describe smells, things that you saw, the way something fealt.  Attempt to have the reader share the experience with you
  • Take Notes – It’s always a much better idea to have the correct name of a place or historical figure than to just guess at it and get it wrong
  • Remember your reader – Who’s reading this??  For the most part, probably friends and family and while yes, these people are our loved ones, they are going to want to read something that isn’t 25 paragraphs long, which leads too……
  • Keep it simple – Short concise entries will always win out over long rambling rants.  Quick and to the point is much more enganging for a reader
  • Ask questions – A great way to get people coming back to your site is to have them become engaged in your site itself.  One way to do that is to ask questions that will force them to come back to see if you have been taking their advice or answering their queries.

Lastly, have fun.  This should never feel like a chore as it is something to be done at your leisure.





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