Windows Live Movie Maker Tips

20 Oct

How to take a Still Photograph out of a Video Courtesy of Chris Jackson: Techspert from Westerdam

Well, how many of you have accidentally switched your digital camera to video mode while setting up to take a perfect photo. Then pushed your shutter only to find out your recording a short video rather then taking that perfect photo. Well, in the case you have your mind set on acquiring a single frame from that accidental video here are the steps you need to follow to achieve your goals using non other then Windows Movie Maker.

For those of you running Vista, Movie Maker is already on your computer. For those of you who are running XP, go to to download this free, extremely intuitive, movie slide show video/photo editing software.

Setting it up;

1. Open Movie Maker, go to View, select Tasks

2. Under the Import section of Movie Maker Tasks Menu click Videos


3. Select the specific video and click Import

4. Drag and drop your selected video into the Timeline. 

Zooming and Selecting;

5. Click the plus magnifying glass three to four times. This will zoom into your clip to get more of an accurate selection of the specific frame you would like to capture.

One Click               

Two Clicks  

Three Clicks  


6. Drag and Drop the Green bar to the selected specific frame you would like to capture, shown by the Media player on the right side of the screen.

Four Clicks    

Media Player before dragging and dropping green bar



Media Player after dragging and dropping the green bar on a specific frame


After you have positioned the green bar in location and you see the picture you want captured in the media player go to   

7.Tools & 8. Take Picture from Preview…


 9. Title and Save


10. Movie Maker will automatically put a copy of the captured frame in its Imported Media section


11. Movie Maker also saves a copy of the image within your default picture folder 


12. Which you can open as any other picture on your computer, Final Product!

If you’re interesting in learning more about Windows Movie Maker here is a LINK to a step by step PDF in getting to know the basics of this extremely easy to use free software.


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