Busy Cruise

30 Apr
So right now we are teaching Your 15 Minutes of Fame.  There are a few things that I want to stress for everyone out there looking to customize your site, blog, add photos, etc.
1.) We always need to remember our Windows Live ID (username) and Password.  If we ever want to make changes to our site, add photos, or customize we always, always need to log in first. 
2.) Refer back to step 1.
3.) Write about whatever you like, the blog is there for you to express yourself in the best possible way.  For instance, if you feel like ranting about why Vinny Del Negro won’t play Tyrus Thomas in the 4th quarter or overtimes, by all means write about that.  If you want to talk about your experiences here on the cruise, I think that’s a fantastic idea.
Lastly, this site is meant to be something fun for you and for those who will view it.  So remember that above all else.

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