Panoramic Photos

14 Apr
Hey Everybody,
I know that this is one of my favorite things to teach as well as particpate in, and that’s shooting panoramic photos.  Remember, the first step is taking your pictures in port and making sure each photo you take has 1/3 overlap on it.  After that, everything is done on Windows Live Photo Gallery.  Here’s the steps:
Step 1:  Import your pictures into WLPG by clicking on ‘File-Import from a Camera or Scanner’.
Step 2: Select the photos you would like to stich together.  Remember, they have to be photos that have overlap.
Step 3: Left Click on ‘Make-Create Panoramic Photo’
Step 4: When the computer is done stiching, click on ‘Save’ to create the file and then voila! there’s your Panorama.
Remember, there is a contest this cruise to see who can create the best shot, so start snapping away and don’t forget to submit.  Here are the top 3 winners


2 Responses to “Panoramic Photos”

  1. Peter April 26, 2009 at 10:11 am #

    Will, I tried the web sitefor download & struck out. I run XP & you run Vista so that may have been the problem. Went to Microsoftdownloads & am up & playing w/ pictures. Spent the A.M. today playing w/ my plants that missed me sorely for 2 weeks. Thanks for a great course.Pete Webb

  2. Michele April 29, 2009 at 2:55 pm #

    Good panorama\’s I enjoyed the one\’s I made too. I have XP and was able to upload pictures to this. Am looking for a program that does collages. Does this one?? Bye from Seattle, Michele

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