PC Safety

22 Mar
I thought it might be important to touch on some of the ideas that we just discussed in our Safe and Sound class.
First: A general rule of thumb is to run a disk defragmentation every month, if not more.
(The same goes for the disk cleanup, although I run a disk cleanup once a week.)
Most important, anti-virus software.  check and see what your computer at home is using, and if you ever want to browse and search for newer or different software, simply go to: http://www.windowsmarketplace.com
Also, the spyware we use in class is Windows Defender (my personal choice on my PC as well), and this is already installed on your PC if you operate using Windows Vista.  If you are an XP user, simply go to: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?Familyld=435BFCE7-DA2B-4A6A-AFA4-F7F14E605A0D&displaylang=en&mg_id=10134  (simple right!)
And lastly, automatic updates are your friends.  They constantly make sure your programs are up to snuff and make the necessary improvements to your operating system to make your PC run smoothly.
Thanks for all the great work everyone!

One Response to “PC Safety”

  1. gail September 5, 2009 at 12:57 pm #

    Krisrin, I have typed in the web site and also tried to go automatically to the windows defender site for XP only to be told that site doesn\’t exist. Any suggestions? Gail from Aug 14-21, 2009 Alaska cruise

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