Windows Live Features

10 Mar
So, we just got done with A Space to Call My Own, and in case there were some parts that didn’t make sense, I wanted to write about a few of the features that are really great.
First the SkyDrive:  SkyDrive is a secure "online storage locker" if you will.  When you sign up for a Windows Live ID, you are actually entitled to use up to 25GB of FREE online storage space.  This can be used for anything from photos, to recipes or itineraries from the cruise, even word documents, excel spreadsheets, or PDF’s can be saved up here.  This is a fantastic feature considering the amount of storage space (25GB is a ton), the ease of use, and the simple fact that this is free.  I truly hope people take advantage of this.
Secondly, Spaces:  So a spaces page is actually where you can customize your online social world.  Blog, add photos, play music, track the weather, or do anything else you’d like to.  Personally I love being able to blog to communicate with friends and family that I might not see as often as I’d like, as well as add photos so that people can keep up with my adventures and what not.  I think that with just a little practice you each might be able to create a page that completely resembles you and your personality.
And the last feature I want to talk about is your photos:  Anytime you add photos online, you open up a completely new opportunity for viewing your memories.  Not only can you make these fantastic pictures accessible to all of your friends and family, you can do lots of great things like print, order prints, view slideshows, or purchase great photo products at the ease of your computer.  Try it out and send me a T-Shirt with your picture!
Well that’s it for now.  Signing off from the Maasdam.
Your Techspert,

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  1. Joe March 10, 2009 at 5:45 pm #

    Will, When I go home I downloaded the windows live software and was surprised to learn that windows live small business was also included with great site building software. Well, I used it for my art work! Check it out at Thanks again for introduction to all of these capabilities. Joe

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